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Introduction of an energy management system will be a requirement placed upon most companies. New power switchgear assemblies should be equipped with measuring devices. Most of the already existing power switchgear assemblies can be retrofitted.

This will open up a new field of activity for electrical installers and therefore the opportunity, as a competent partner, to support a company along the way to achieving transparent and reliable energy management.

It is our goal to provide you with products in which both our know-how and our passion are embodied. Through introduction of the new ENYLOGIC series we have succeeded in developing a solution which is perfectly tailored to your scope, so that you can easily meet and master the new challenges in the field of energy management.

The advantages of ENYLOGIC products:

  • intelligent functional enclosures for measuring equipment and data storage
  • ready-to-connect electrical functions in Mi distribution boards
  • components which are perfectly matched with each other and guaranteed function of the whole system
  • many years of experience in integration of intelligent measuring equipment into switchgear assemblies up to 5000 A
  • the usual well-known quality of the Hensel brand


  • for adding equipment to existing Mi distribution boards to achieve uniform measurement of electrical energy values
  • for retrofitting already installed switchgear assemblies for power distribution for the purposes of measured value acquisition and transmission
  • to collect and transmit the measured energy values into a control system via TCP/IP
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