Meeting the requirements according to DIN EN ISO 50001


Scope of DIN EN ISO 50001

»Energy management systems -
Requirements with guidance for use«

This international standard specifies the requirements for
establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an
energy management system.

The goal is to enable an organization to achieve a continuous
improvement of the energy performance by a systematic
approach, namely including ...

  • energy efficiency,
  • efficient use of energy and
  • energy consumption

This International Standard specifies requirements for the
use of energy and energy consumption, including ...

  • measurement,
  • documentation and reporting,
  • interpretation and sourcing practices for facilities,
    systems, processes and personnel ...

... that contribute to energy performance.

This International Standard is based on the as PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act) known as continuous improvement process.



The measurement is an essential element of an
energy management project!

  • You don‘t change, what you don‘t know!
  • You don‘t know, what you don‘t measure!

Objectives of measurement and management

  • to identify consumption
  • to analyse consumption
  • to optimize consumption

Hereby either reduce the use of energy or use energy more efficiently!

Mi-Verteiler als Energieverteiler


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