Energy management - A Challenge and an Opportunity for the Electrical Installers


With its new product series ENYLOGIC Gustav Hensel GmbH & Co. KG is supporting electrical installers in their work to make companies fit for the ambitious 20-20-20 goals of the European Union.

Mi-Verteiler als Energieverteiler mit Messung und Datenbereitstellung

The European Union has set itself the ambitious goal to drive forward climate protection until the year 2020. With specifications which apply European-wide, emissions should be reduced and energy efficiency increased. This will represent a new challenge for companies in all branches but also many opportunities.

Companies in Germany shall receive back part of their energy tax as far as they introduce an energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001. The basic requirement for this in the first instance is continuous and reliable measurement of the energy flows since it is only like this that it is possible to identify the points of consumption, to analyse these and to optimise them in a next step.

It is exactly here that the new ENYLOGIC product series from the Sauerland distribution board specialist HENSEL helps. With a ready to connect  product system the pre-configured measuring technology can be comfortably designed and installed in combination with the reliable Mi power distribution system, ENYMOD.



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